Letters to the Editor

Nuclear weapons: Shine light on nuke ban proposal

Last week, an important meeting was held at United Nations headquarters in New York City among more than 100 countries working together to construct a ban on nuclear weapons. The U.S. is not among them; in fact, we are deliberately boycotting the meetings.

Additionally, the existence of the meetings has not been widely publicized, even here in the Pacific Northwest, home of the Bangor submarine fleet, which houses the largest concentration of nuclear warheads in our country. To my knowledge, the News Tribune has published very little about it.

When we as individuals behave badly, we usually keep quiet about our actions. However, democracy works only if we citizens are informed, as Thomas Jefferson recognized well over 200 years ago; then we can more properly deal with the issues at hand.

Nuclear weapons do not bring security, but only a constant threat of destruction. As a member of the only nation ever to use atomic weapons against another country, I hope that we join this movement away from death and toward life for future generations.