Letters to the Editor

Exploding facts: Transformer myth should be put to rest

Re: “Transformer explosion on video,” (TNT, 4/19).

Rarely do power-pole transformers ever explode, but you wouldn’t know that from the press or most people. The blue flashes seen during wind storms and their accompanying loud “explosions” are almost always caused by arcing power lines and a phenomena called power flash.

A perfect example of my point can be found in this TNT story on page 4A. The story refers to a supposed exploding transformer caught on video by the Olympia Fire Department. Viewing the link provided, you will see a tree in contact with power lines; this is also the location of the alleged transformer explosion.

Transformers are on power poles; there are no power poles in the video.

Admittedly, the myth of exploding transformers is trivial. But with too many people creating their own alternative facts and realities, what hope do we have when the mainstream media can’t be bothered to counter even our most trivial false beliefs?