Letters to the Editor

Water rights: Supreme Court made smart ruling

Re: “Flawed water-rights ruling must be reversed,” (TNT, 4/10).

Fifty years ago, one could walk the entire length of Muck Creek (in Sen. Randi Becker’s district) to the sounds of flowing water and migratory fish. Today that is no longer the case, as the type of development Becker envisions in her local viewpoint column has dried the aquifer.

As for the state Department of Ecology having a handle on anything, they have no idea how much water the present users are drawing from any of the various water resource inventory areas around the state.

The senator is entitled to her opinion, but the facts are the Washington Supreme Court made an excellent ruling in the interests of everyone in the state.

There is a very legitimate reason the Growth Management Act has enjoyed a level of acceptance around the state,

even though at times bureaucracy gets in the way of common sense. In this case that is not true.