Letters to the Editor

Environment: Oh, Canada, stick with carbon tax

Re: “A climate-change trailblazer takes two steps back,” (TNT, 4/23).

British Columbia has drawn international raves for setting the pace for pricing carbon to reduce green house gases (GHG). Since going into effect in mid-2008 at $5 per ton of carbon (rising to $30 per ton in 4 years), usage of petroleum fuels has dropped 15.1 percent, and GHG emissions have dropped significantly.

Plus gross domestic product in the province has outpaced the rest of Canada, and the resulting tax cuts to personal and corporate income taxes have given B.C. residents the lowest taxes in the nation.

Current Premier Christy Clark wants to discontinue the tax. She is out of step with the rest of Canada, since Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has set up a national climate plan, requiring all provinces and territories to put in place either a carbon tax or a cap-and-trade plan by 2022.

Citizens’ Climate Lobby, an international grassroots effort, has a similar revenue neutral plan now gaining support in the US. It is time to price carbon.