Letters to the Editor

Teen suicide: Why we need “13 Reasons Why”

Re: “More Puget Sound area teens seeking help after watching ’13 Reasons Why’”.

I’m an adult stay at home mother of two teens. I’m a feeling and perceiving introvert. My profession is a Licensed Massage Practitioner. I recently completed 13 episodes of “13 Reasons Why”. This is a powerful story told from a teen’s perspective; it’s a story about feeling alone, about being a victim and a victimizer. It’s also about gossip, stereotyping and cyber-bullying.

The show effectively demonstrates the power of words and pictures. It also demonstrates a teen’s perception that a terrible situation will last forever. This story has the power to make the viewer uncomfortable and the power to hopefully change us for the better.

The challenge as a parent viewing it is the urgency of being there for my teens, being present, sensing, perceiving, communicating, asking questions and having loving non-distracted interactions. I’m challenged, too, to know my past, my present and to help to shape a better future.