Letters to the Editor

Parks: More funds will strengthen love affair

Re: “Spend more on national park upkeep,” (TNT editorial, 6/1).

Thanks to The News Tribune Editorial Board and Congressmen Derek Kilmer and Dave Reichert for speaking up for our national parks.

We at the Tahoma Audubon Society greatly value our nearby access to some of our country’s most spectacular national parks — places where families can enjoy the outdoors and discover many of our favorite birds. Many people have their first significant outdoor experience in a national park. These experiences invite people to fall in love with nature.

To honor these national treasures we must continue to invest in them, including funding maintenance and repair projects that enhance each park’s ability to offer high-quality experiences to every visitor.

Tahoma Audubon’s mission is to connect people with birds, other wildlife and their habitats through education, conservation and recreation. Maintaining the national parks in our own backyard is vital to connecting people with nature, a mission we take very seriously.

We look forward to seeing the new funding efforts reach fruition.