Letters to the Editor

Car tabs: Senator highlights real problems

Re: “O’Ban urges finger pointing,” (TNT letter, 5/27).

State Sen. Steve O’Ban has been fighting to lower car tab fees. He pointed out correctly that Democrats in the House refuse to pass the massive taxes required for their own budget. For that, he’s accused of “finger pointing” by this recent letter writer.

The letter asserts the car tab tax is a “complex issue.” This is a typical bureaucratic response to raising fees or taxes.

There is nothing complicated about increasing taxes; it’s the easiest way to add revenue rather than analyzing and thinking through saving methods and thus avert tax increases.

The new tab fees are fraudulent and do not represent the current value of vehicles. However, in the world of greed, who cares? Anything goes.

Sound Transit found out about a quarter of a billion dollar cost overrun on Interstate 90 and didn’t blink. It celebrated being a decade late on the University of Washington link with the infamous “million dollar party.”

Somebody has to point the finger at these guys, and I for one am glad O’Ban is doing it.