Letters to the Editor

Schools: State Senate budget fails schools

Re: “Fact check: State GOP plan would hurt schools, ad says,” (TNT, 5/28).

While The News Tribune reporter disputes some elements of a recent Washington Education Association ad about the Senate Republican budget proposal, the truth is this budget is bad for public schools and for students.

As a retired teacher, I know what the real impact of this budget would be. It slashes total resources for special education students in many districts. It also limits local control in our schools by limiting voter-approved levies and restricting district investments in teachers and other staff who work with kids.

Limiting how much districts can invest in staff, it may result in layoffs or pay cuts, and we already have a teacher shortage. It reduces total (state, local, federal) per-pupil funding in more than 40 districts.

The budget plan also fails to provide the new revenue needed to amply fund K-12 public schools and protect higher education and crucial social and health services our students and their families need.

The Senate budget is bad for public schools and students. Please urge your legislators to oppose it.