Letters to the Editor

Education: Actually, Tacoma is good at passing levies

Re: “Say a serene little prayer for Tacoma,” (TNT, 6/5).

While I admire reader columnist Tom Llewellyn’s view on the value of prayer, I was wholly nonplussed by one of the first subjects of his long litany. He said we should have the “[c]ourage to change the things we can: In other words, maybe we can get less bad at passing school levies.”

He seems completely unaware that the Tacoma School District has a near-perfect record of passing its school levies. This record has stood not just for years, nor decades only, but for generations.

It is the envy of many a school district in this state, including large urban and suburban districts. It is the product of enormous, committed community effort over the long haul, exemplified by the leadership of the late Betty Drost. Many more could be named who have contributed to this cause.