Letters to the Editor

Legislature: Goodbye, Olympia; Hello, McNeil Island

As the school year ends and we face another year with no solution to our educational funding problem, may I propose the following:

I would like to see the Legislature brought back into session, without pay, on McNeil Island. I’m fairly certain the prison hasn’t been left to totally deteriorate and would be adequate for our elected officials.

Perhaps a few days on McNeil, with Spartan accommodations and institutional food, would convince them that voters mean business.

I would eliminate any contact with the outside world such as TV, internet and phone service by collecting all computers, tablets and cell phones on the boat ride from Steilacoom.

It might take a few weeks, but I’ll bet a solution would be agreed upon before too long. Walks on the beach collecting rocks and contemplating a swim to the mainland might be incentive enough to take the problem seriously.