Letters to the Editor

Trump: His budget shuts out ordinary folks

With his new proposed federal budget, we now see that Trump remains Trump. The president’s four previous bankruptcies benefited him alone. His workers and suppliers were burned.

Similarly, his budget only benefits the wealthiest. Much of the rest of the country will lose in health care, school lunches, housing assistance, other essential social services and environmental protections.

Family farmers will lose crop insurance, which, ironically, is often their last defense against bankruptcy.

Trump’s personal taxes remain obscure. His loyalty remains strong to cohorts such as former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn. Ethics remain irrelevant. His minions are actively dismantling government protections.

He takes credit for things he was not involved in and assigns blame to others in order to escape personal responsibility.

As soon as Mar-A-Lago floods, he will renounce his belief that climate change is a “Chinese hoax” quicker than when he declared that President Obama was an American citizen.

For the super-rich, America will be great again. For everyone else, well, we weren’t ever that important in the scheme of things.