Letters to the Editor

Detention center: Food practices are unjust

I recently met a young woman whose husband is detained at the Northwest Detention Center in Tacoma. This man has been here for years, raising his family and working to support them. He wasn’t picked up for criminal activity or drugs, she said — just for living his life without documentation.

Imagine the trauma to his young children. Imagine the fear and sorrow of his wife who must figure out how to survive without the support — financial and emotional — of her husband.

I was shocked to learn that the food provided in detention is tasteless wafers, which provide only basic nutrition and calories. Real food must be purchased!

This wife visited her husband and put $100 into his account — money which she and her children could ill afford, especially with the loss of her husband’s income.

Apparently, the corporation that runs this facility isn’t satisfied with the huge profit it makes for housing immigrants; it extorts more money from families to provide a basic diet.

Apparently, the Trump administration is willing to use taxpayer money to round up and deport immigrants who contribute, not harm, our country in order to line the pockets of wealthy prison corporations.