Letters to the Editor

Green energy: It's about liberty, not just science

With all the new, developing ways of generating electricity, such as wind and especially solar, the world is poised to enter a new industrial revolution. Despite what the petroleum industry wants us to believe, these cutting-edge ways of generating power are continuing to advance.

Solar panels allow the generation of power without being connected to a grid or any other infrastructure. This will enable true economic freedom; individuals will no longer be under the thumb of gas companies or utility companies or reliant on government.

The effects on Third World countries, where much of the poverty is the result of the lack of such infrastructure, will be dramatic. This is what the coal, petroleum and utility companies are terrified of. They will no longer have control over people’s lives.

Imagine being able to generate your own power and charge and use your own electric vehicle. The climate change deniers are desperately trying to stop the advance of mankind and maintain control over lives. This isn’t just about the rejection of science, but the denial of freedom and individual liberty.