Letters to the Editor

Seahawks: No room for unpatriotic punks

Re: “Team joins in disgraceful blackballing,” (TNT letter, 6/9).

What a bunch of prattle. As one of the elderly white Republicans the letter writer alluded to, I would advise him to take his race card and put it in his pocket and leave it there.

If you and quarterback Colin Kaepernick think this country is so bad, go to a better one like North Korea or Saudi Arabia -- two examples of the many countries where if you speak out against the government, you are jailed or executed, or if you’re not a member of the right religion, you can’t be a citizen.

The Seahawks made the right decision in picking a young talent with a good attitude over a whining, rich, spoiled punk with a bad attitude.

It seems like those who use their freedom of speech to disparage our country usually did nothing to secure or protect that freedom.

As a 30-year military veteran who served in Vietnam, I have no respect for Kaepernick and others like him.