Letters to the Editor

Comey: His testimony unveils anti-Trump hoax

With former FBI Director James Comey’s testimony, we now know President Trump was not under investigation, as many Democrats had insinuated for months, and that the New York Times story in February that ignited the hyperventilating about contacts between Russia and Trump campaign associates was not true.

Additionally, Comey stated “many, many stories” were just dead wrong. This was a hoax of monumental proportions. The Democratic Party, the party of rich coastal elites, Hollywood, Wall Street and violent protesters, lost the election, then created Russian collusion with no real evidence.

The truth? It was Hillary Clinton, stupid.

The Republicans are working hard to replace the Democrats’ failing Obamacare and pass a tax reform bill. What are the Democrats doing to help the middle class? Nothing.

Trump pulled out of the Paris Climate Accord, which would have damaged the economy, killed middle class jobs and driven up energy prices. Democrats and rich corporate executives were for it. What else is new?

Trump is looking out for middle America, just like he promised.