Letters to the Editor

Banking: Woe to us all if Congress dilutes the law

I was disappointed to learn the news that Congress is hard at work dismantling the Dodd-Frank legislation that was put in place in 2008 to protect investors.

It makes most of us wonder whom Congress really represents anymore, besides its own interests. It seems that the big banks have a free pass to do whatever they choose.

When they get into trouble again — and they will — they’ll just return to the taxpayer and we’ll bail them out. Frankly, as long as there is an open flow of banking campaign lobby dollars, it’s never going to change. It will be like a ticking time bomb until the next financial crisis.

Perhaps with federal deficits reaching all-time highs, we may not rebound from the next collapse. I don’t understand how any congressmen could in good conscience face their constituents after voting for this repeal.