Letters to the Editor

Online tax: Legislators must level the playing field

Re: “Ebay wants you to fight against a new online levy,” (TNT, 6/14).

It is truly troublesome that Republican state senators from the wealthiest districts in Western Washington and east of the mountains are holding our state’s safety, education system, and economic future for ransom.

I realize that if they do not threaten a government shutdown, they jeopardize their relationship with their oft wealthy and conservative constituency. However, these few, compared to our entire state population, feel no evident responsibility for the forthcoming distress of working families.

It seems logical, due to the state’s reliance on state sales tax revenue, that honest consideration for taxing eBay, Amazon and other corporations’ purchases is explored. Not only would revenue be secured, but the continued unfair playing field for Washington retailers would end.

Please contact your state legislator and urge them to stop threatening the safety and progress of all, to appease the few.