Letters to the Editor

Tech sector: Tacoma must not be left behind

Recently my wife and I were driving through downtown Seattle. The skyline was dotted with over 10 large construction cranes.

Indeed, Seattle has become a beehive of building activity in large part due to its bustling tech sector. That growth, however, also produced skyrocketing housing costs, higher taxes and stifling commutes.

I have difficulty understanding why such sector growth is not taking place here in Tacoma. We have three major universities to generate innovation. We have more reasonable office and development costs. Finally, there is more affordable housing in our city and suburbs.

At some point the high costs and commuting difficulty associated with Seattle have to prompt tech companies to at least look in our direction.

Perhaps our mayoral candidates can address this issue. Is the city offering lucrative tax packages to potential employers? Can the city consider changing zoning policies downtown? Should the city itself re-purpose buildings to attract tech employers?

I’ve grown to love Tacoma and we should not let this opportunity pass.