Letters to the Editor

Hunger: No more delay on school breakfast

Re: “Give students breakfast, and no shaming,” (TNT editorial, 6/6).

Thank you for supporting House Bill 1508, the Washington Kids Ready to Learn Act. At Nourish Pierce County (formerly FISH Food Banks of Pierce County), we have supported this legislative effort to make breakfast a part of the school day since it was first introduced four years ago.

This year’s bill is stronger and better than ever: a bipartisan effort that will help our schools and farmers, and most importantly, our kids.

We’re proud of the role that Tacoma has played in the discussion about school lunch shame, but the unintended effect of current school breakfast policies shames our kids. They may feel singled out, their family situation known to all, when they have to come inside to eat while others students play.

When breakfast is part of the school day, it’s just like lunch: available to all, including those who can and will pay. As voters, we should feel ashamed that Washington ranks 45th in the nation when it comes to school breakfast participation, even though a reasonable and proven solution is before our lawmakers.

We should feel hopeful, calling on state senators to pass HB1508 because our kids deserve better!