Letters to the Editor

Evergreen college: It's fantasy land, not real life

In thinking through the struggles of Evergreen State College, and similar turmoil at other schools, would it be fair to say, as a starting point, that higher education exists to enable students to go out into the real world better educated, better trained, with better developed talents, enabled to be more productive and successful citizens for the remainder of their lives?

Citizens who are better able to manage conflict, cope with the vicissitudes of life, and live richer, more-fulfilling lives under whatever circumstances the world may throw at them?

If this is a good part of the purpose of education, how does it benefit the student if the school becomes a sheltered cocoon of hyper sensitivity to any slight or offense – real or imagined – where students are divided into groups, encouraged to leverage the perception that they are victims, and to believe that prejudice can be done away with by shouting down, marching, disrupting an atmosphere conducive to learning, making demands and name calling?

Students who spend years in this sheltered fantasy land are going to be poorly prepared to deal with the real world.