Letters to the Editor

Health care: Senators must expose GOP bill

Re: “Obamacare rewrite needs light of day,” (TNT editorial, 6/21).

I understand the temptation of conservatives to scream: “look, they’re the reason nothing’s getting done!” But this bill impacts one-sixth of our economy. Americans need to see what’s in the bill.

The House version has nothing positive to offer the average American, and for the elderly, poor, and those with preexisting conditions it brings actual harm — all for a tax cut for the ultra-wealthy.

I don’t want my senators to violate any rules, but they should use every rule they can to bring the Senate bill into the light. We need hearings, readings, witnesses, public access, health care specialists review; this would be a return to proper proceedings.

My senators must withhold consent on all business and must filibuster by amendment to give the public a chance to know what’s going on behind closed doors. For some it is a matter of life or death.