Letters to the Editor

Sail festival: Tacoma can do better than this

As a volunteer trying to find a vendor’s booth on the first day of the Festival of Sail in Tacoma, I found it a bit frustrating.

Simply getting to the festival was difficult. Dock Street was reduced to a one-way road and all access was blocked except a hard-to-find entrance far from the festival site.

Don’t ask a cop. Tacoma’s finest were just there to block traffic and knew little about how to get there.

Once I arrived, information was equally difficult to find. The large and well-staffed entry to a nearby museum dominated the designated festival entry area. Festival headquarters occupied a distant and obscure office in a giant warehouse.

Nobody but that office had a chart or diagram showing booth locations and vendor occupants.

Finally, whatever relationship there is between a giant rubber duck and an event celebrating sailing ships and sailboats is hard to grasp. Yet the duck seemed to be the central theme.

Let’s hope that Tacoma can learn from this experience and do a little better next time.