Letters to the Editor

Health care: Fight hard for us, Democrats

Re: “Obamacare rewrite needs light of day,” (TNT editorial, 6/21).

Some issues require using all available means to win the battle. The current health care fight is absolutely one of them. As distasteful as it is, Senate Democrats have been forced into using a variety of procedural tactics on our behalf right now.

They know most Americans believe health care is a right, not a privilege. They know most Americans want national universal healthcare coverage. And they know most of our elected representatives should be voting that way.

They also know any health plan should cover more people, not fewer; be more affordable, not less; and that cost savings should be pumped back into the plan, not given away to people and companies that don’t need it and certainly don’t deserve it.

All legislators need to understand that while voting against TrumpCare is important, how hard they fight against it is even more so. And will be remembered.