Letters to the Editor

Shutdown: Republicans, stop playing politics

Re: “State Republicans should quit planning for a shutdown,” (TNT letter, 6/14).

The letter writer is exactly right. I’m also a veteran and a state employee, and I’ve already received my conditional pink slip. If the state government shuts down on July 1 because the Legislature can’t agree on a budget, I will stop getting paid.

The Republicans, who still refuse to negotiate with the House Democrats, are playing cute political games with my life.

Voters should remind Republicans, both with phone calls and letters now, and at the ballot box next year, that this is not a game. I served our country in uniform in the U.S. Air Force, and I’ve served our state for years. I, and many others like me, have done our jobs.

Now Senate Republicans need to do their jobs. Instead of protecting the powerful special interests who fund their campaigns, they should be adults, and start talking to the Democrats.