Letters to the Editor

Health care: Support for young doctors in jeopardy

Re: “Yes, those ‘kids’ are doctors - and they can see you now,” (TNT, 6/18).

I enjoyed your informative article about the community’s family medicine residencies. As a family physician practicing in a local physician shortage area since 1981, I can attest to both the need for more family doctors and the need for these training programs.

It’s worth pointing out that many of these programs developed under the Affordable Care Act have flourished. I have grave concerns that if the budget proposed by the administration or the proposed American Health Care Act passed by the House is enacted without huge modifications, most of these programs will close, and these young doctors will not remain here.

In the words of a friend of mine who teaches in a local residency, it would be the medical equivalent of a “zombie apocalypse” for post-graduate medical education in Pierce County.

It’s time to share your thoughts with your legislator about our country’s need for young, well trained physicians with a connection to our community, and continued federal support for them.

(Roes is a physician practicing at Key Medical Center on the Key Peninsula.)