Letters to the Editor

Trump: Different kind of war on poverty

President Lyndon Johnson had a war on poverty. He wanted to eliminate it. President Donald Trump has a war on poverty of a sort. But his aim is to eliminate the poor.

Look at his health care plan. By cutting $800 billion from Medicaid, many poor people will have no health care. People will die.

Look at his climate decisions, to eliminate safeguards for the environment (clean air, emissions, etc.) Our climate will continue to change, including more powerful storms. Who died in Hurricane Katrina? Not the rich.

Look at his budget decisions. He wants to cut taxes for the rich at the expense of social programs and education. He wants to eliminate the requirement for healthy, well balanced school lunches. He wants to eliminate $192 billion from nutritional assistance programs.

He wants to cut the education budget by 13 percent. What's the main way out of poverty? Education!

So yes, Trump has a poverty program. He just wants those who are poor to die off.