Letters to the Editor

Democrats: Will the Trump hating ever stop?

Re: “When will GOP concede Trump can’t make grade?” (TNT, 6/11).

In response to this Leonard Pitts Jr. column, thousands of us are wondering when the Democrats will realize they lost the election and give up their efforts to sink our president with their continued barrage of criticisms.

It is so disgusting to constantly see the media trying to bring down the president with lies, innuendos and half truths. For instance a story in the TNT referring to a man who withdrew his name from the Port Commission election had a bold headline calling him a “Trump backer.” It was absurd in that it had nothing to do with the story.

The constant attack on Trump has brought about a hatred that we have never seen. It is time for the side show to end, the circus clowns to stop, the calliope to wind down and the Democrats to fold their tents and get on with the business at hand.