Letters to the Editor

AG: Morality matters most in final reckoning

Re: “A defense against alleged religious bias,” (TNT, 6/19).

Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson is proud that various societal issues such as dispensing “emergency” contraception or refusing to deny services for same sex “weddings” are now the law of the land, and therefore the case is closed.

Legally, the good AG may be right. But morally?

It would be useful for Ferguson and anyone dealing with similar issues to remember that one day we will all have to give an account of how we lived our lives.

Pity the man or woman who, when facing the ultimate source of justice, will have no answer other than “I supported same sex marriage” or “I approved the murder of millions of innocent unborn children.”

When faced with critical decisions such as these, let us all reflect on the ramifications of our actions, not simply whether something is legal.