Letters to the Editor

Bathrooms: Don't roll back transgender access

It has been 18 months with no businesses or public facilities denying bathroom or shower access. How is everybody doing?

Has the transgender boogie man materialized to jump out of the stall next to you? Are bathrooms safer? No, they are just as safe as they ever were. If we roll back transgender access, they will still be just as safe as they ever were.

The people behind the Initiative 1552 “Just Want Privacy” campaign are the same folks from 2012 that were telling us our churches would be sued and our hetero-marriages would be less sanctimonious if we allowed gay and lesbian citizens to marry.

Anyone felling less sanctified? Did any churches get sued?

It is my hope that Washingtonians will once again see past the rhetoric and not rewrite laws based on hypothetical arguments that never ring true. We are not North Carolina.