Letters to the Editor

Seahawks: Free speech, love it or leave it

Re: Seahawks have no room for unpatriotic punks,” (TNT letter, 6/20).

The writer is unhappy that people complain about things they see as wrong with our country. This is a very strange perspective.

He says that, as a 30-year veteran, he was fighting for our freedom of speech. Then why is he disparaging the people who use that right and responsibility?

If he doesn’t want to hear people speak out against the government, then he is the one who should go to North Korea or Saudi Arabia. Not the other way around.

Protesting the serious inequalities that exist here does not make someone a “spoiled punk with a bad attitude.” Rather, I see quarterback Colin Kaepernick as one of many courageous people attempting to bring about much-needed change without a rifle in his hands.

What’s so terrible about that?