Letters to the Editor

Immigrants: Bed quotas taint Tacoma detention center

The U.S. maintains for-profit immigration detention centers with federally mandated bed quotas, and the largest such prison on the West Coast is on the Tacoma Tideflats.

Men, women and families are held there until allowed a hearing before an immigration judge. This can take as long as four months.

These are not dangerous people, and there is no reason to hold them except to fulfill the promised quotas for the for-profit prison company, GEO Group. Immigrants have rights that are being ignored.

Conditions in the Tacoma facility are so bad that last month 70 women went on hunger strike. Nothing improved. Twelve more women leaders recently went on hunger strike because of poor-quality food, incompetent medication dispensing, and an attitude of both GEO and ICE of not caring about the people in the prison.

I resent my taxes going to GEO or any other for-profit prison, especially when they are promised a minimum number of inmates to maintain their profits regardless of how inhumanely they treat people.