Letters to the Editor

Transit: Do we really not want to be connected?

Re: “Pierce County relationship with Sound Transit is complicated at best,” (TNT, 6/20).

Curmudgeons among us might say rising gas prices and lack of free parking will force us into mass transit just as much as crowded highways do.

Pierce County got left behind when it came to instituting HOV lanes, and now Tacoma is paying for it in terms of congestion that will only get worse once the I-5 / SR16 HOV lanes are complete.

Do we really want to think that somehow all the people moving into Pierce County will be employed locally? Do we really think we can retreat and decide Sound Transit isn’t for us?

Short-sided decisions impact our future. Lets learn from what Seattle/King didn’t do back in 1968 when it turned down transit funding that went to Atlanta instead.