Letters to the Editor

Health care: Compassion, persistence will defeat bill

The Senate Republicans’ revised health care bill was finally revealed after weeks of speculation. Here’s what we know:

The bill’s designers were secretive about its contents for as long as they could be. And some Americans like that.

The bill’s contents, characterized by both presidents Trump and Obama as “mean,” would reduce Medicaid and raise premiums steeply for many insured Americans, while granting tax cuts to the wealthy. This, too, is popular.

And yet, there are also Americans who stand for something beyond being mean. They’re not online trolls, terrorists or malcontents. They are Americans who care about each other, and believe the government should, too.

And they will keep writing, marching, calling, speaking and voting until their representatives show they care as well -- about healthcare, living wages, human rights and the well being of the whole nation, not just the few.

That’s what we know.