Letters to the Editor

War: 26 years later, and do we feel safer?

They say that we are approaching 16 years of war in Afghanistan. I remember our going into Iraq more than 26 years ago.

It’s interesting that our nation’s economy is now so dependent on our being perpetually at war, especially here in Pierce and Kitsap counties where tens of thousands of residents both civilian and military are dependent on JBLM and the shipyard.

Nationwide many states can say the same thing. Many businesses and some individuals are getting rich off our wars. It’s pitiful that some people die or are maimed physically or mentally in wars that we are convinced protect us from terrorism.

Terrorists that I believe we have helped to create. A new generation of terrorists whose parents and relatives we have killed over 26 years.

Our rights and freedoms have become a casualty as well. More than 70,000 people are on watch and no- fly lists. The NSA has extraordinary powers at borders, airports and even ball games.

Maybe some day we’ll feel safe.