Letters to the Editor

Trump: He's a long way from exoneration

Former FBI Director James Comey only said that President Trump was not personally under investigation. He did not say that Trump was not part of the investigation into whether the Trump campaign colluded with the Russians. By omission, he left open that possibility.

At this point, it would premature for anyone to assert that Trump is home free.

The investigation is ongoing, and each day seems to bring some new revelation. Between the special counsel’s efforts to dig up facts and connect the dots and the House’s like-minded efforts, sooner or later a finished product will emerge and we, the voters, hopefully will have the big picture.

Until then, it’s almost delusional to exonerate anyone involved with the campaign, even the president.

As for the Democrats being guilty of perpetrating a “hoax” to assuage their disappointment, that’s a pathetic diversionary canard. The evidence pointing to Russian interference and underhanded connivance is simply too compelling.

It’s been reported by numerous reputable investigative journalists and published in some of the best national newspapers. The only naysayers are of the Fox News variety and those who fell under the spell of a charismatic malignant narcissist.