Letters to the Editor

Tech companies: Tacoma should say, ‘Thanks, but no thanks.’

Re: “Tech Sector; Tacoma must not be left behind” (TNT 6/21)

To attract tech companies to Tacoma, the writer suggests Tacoma mayoral candidates consider a policy to offer “tax packages to potential employers and changing zoning policies downtown” while choosing to ignore the “skyrocketing housing costs, higher taxes and stifling commutes” that Seattle continues to endure.

The “affordable housing in our city and suburbs” referred to in his letter will become a thing of the past. Incoming population and demand for housing has already driven up rental costs and will continue to do so. It’s basic supply and demand economics.

Current tenants could be effectively evicted and priced out of their homes by rent increases. I understand the political impact and monetary requirement for a larger tax base; growth is good-right? The question always remains, at what cost? If asked, my advice to mayoral candidates would be to look to the north, evaluate the effect tech companies have had on Seattle, it’s surrounding communities and say, “Thanks, but no thanks. Tacoma is doing just fine without you.”