Letters to the Editor

Port of Tacoma: Moratorium on fossil-fuel plants

Re: Matt Driscoll: “Tacoma’s a target for fossil-fuel development” (TNT, 7/1)

Thanks to Matt Driscoll for drawing our attention to the dire situation confronting our Port.

Right now the liquefied natural gas plant is being built, despite a court battle with the Puyallup Tribe. Another company, Targa, seeks to store and ship toxic “natural gasoline.” Powerful, carbon-fuel profiteers view the Northwest as its gateway to the rest of the world, planning to make our nation a principle source of fracked gas.

Tacoma and the Northwest could truly do the world good by resisting fossil-fuel companies. As Driscoll wrote, places like Hoquiam, Aberdeen, Vancouver, Whatcom County, Spokane and Portland are already doing so. We have an opportunity to join them; we could lessen pollution not only here but abroad, where the fracked gas is to be shipped.

Long-overdue interim plans to protect the Port are being considered, but they will be time-consuming, costly and challenging. The required step then is to put a moratorium on all fossil fuel companies’ efforts to build in our Tide Flats. Humanity must face reality. We must restore Mother Earth and develop sustainable, clean energy sources.