Letters to the Editor

Korea: Stop the bombast and listen to Gary Locke

Like many Americans, I am concerned regarding the North Korean situation. I have friends living in Seoul within 35 miles of North Korea. Their lives are in danger if war breaks out.

Therefore, I was heartened to see Gary Locke on national TV offering wise and mature advice to our president. Locke is our former governor and former U.S. ambassador to China. Essentially, he said to stop the bombast, and immediately start quietly talking without conditions to the North Koreans.

And, I would add: Stop calling them crazy. They are not; they rationally believe the U.S. will take them out of power eventually if they do not develop nuclear weapons as a deterrent.

We may disagree, but that does not make them crazy.

I sincerely hope President Trump will listen to experienced diplomats and military leaders who know much more about war and peace than he does. We all are depending on them for thoughtfulness, measured judgment and wisdom.

So are the people living on the Korean Peninsula both North and South.

Brian Ebersole, Tacoma

(Ebersole is a former Tacoma mayor and state legislator.)