Letters to the Editor

Trump: Anti-hatred talk meaningless without action

It took our president 40-plus hours to denounce white supremacy, neo-Nazis, and the KKK. In a prepared speech, he called for love, unity and equality for all. He called racism evil, and urged all of us to unite together against hatred, bigotry and violence.

Mr. President, I will be watching your behavior to see if you model what you were urging the rest of us to do. If you want us to unite against hatred, then quit bullying, intimidating and humiliating people who disagree with you.

If you want us to fight against bigotry, then please lead the way by continuing to denounce the actions of hate groups that have come out from under the rock since your presidency. Tweet acceptance of diverse groups like transgender people, immigrants, Muslims, etc., instead of excluding them.

If you want an end to violence, then please end it in your tweets. You tweet violent cartoons, your “fake” knockout of a CNN anchor. Your words and actions matter.

I hope that this late condemnation of hate groups will wake up Trump's supporters to begin questioning his allegiance. Is it to our country, or to himself?

Ardine M. Martinelli, Tacoma