Letters to the Editor

Immigration: Do it right and wait your turn

Immigration: Do it right and wait your turn

Re: “Funding urged to aid ICE detainees,” (TNT, 8/14).

I understand the plight of the — let’s see, what is the correct terminology today? — undocumented, illegal, dreamers, migrant, alien persons that have entered the U.S. by circumventing this nation’s laws.

Excuse me for seeming heartless, but my wife’s mother did it the honest, right way, emigrating from Columbia. She broke no laws, demanded no welfare, simply applied for entry and waited her turn and, when allowed into the U.S., worked hard to become a naturalized citizen.

She arrived with a small suitcase and the money in her pockets and prospered in a society that was far more racially intolerant than it is today. There is no reason this proven “pathway to citizenship” can’t be adhered to by those seeking to live in America today.

Stop blaming the system and calling the immigration laws broken. Just because now the laws are being enforced, doesn’t make them wrong. The representatives you voted for enacted them, not the present administration.

Stop harboring those who seek what there is to offer in the U.S. without first respecting the laws.

Stefan Kamieniecki, Tacoma