Letters to the Editor

Trump: His words are historically tone deaf

I am writing in despair, anger and embarrassment over President Trump's words supporting hate, bigotry and prejudice at his press conference three days after Charlottesville.

He compared Robert E. Lee with Presidents Washington and Jefferson, taking no consideration of history. There is almost a century between these men’s lives.

How do you think it would have been if they tried to erect statues of Hitler after they lost the war?

Our history is not something to be proud of. A history of the KKK marching in New York protesting those” Catholic police officers;" marches in Washington D.C., proudly displaying their capes and hoods; and lynchings and threats against black people all over the South.

Trump's words validated these groups to continue to come out into plain view once again. As long as he allows people like Steve Bannon a role in the White House, it doesn’t matter what is said; actions speak louder than words.

It is embarrassing how the world must view us. The only saving grace is that there have been protests every step of the way since Trump's inauguration.Hopefully others realize that his views are not those of the majority.

Synnove Turner, Puyallup