Letters to the Editor

Anthem: Seahawks free to be unique selves

Re: “Don’t want to stand for anthem? Then walk away from football,” (TNT, 8/15).

Regarding John McGrath’s sports column, I believe part of the interest in pro football is that it is played by unique humans, not (yet) by robotic gladiators.

Players regularly display their personal convictions with religious rituals on the field and testimonials in interviews. The fact that Michael Bennett’s personal convictions may trouble the conservative mindset of many owners or trouble those who believe the essence of patriotism is the national anthem does not detract from his contributions to the team.

Part of the importance of a team sport is that players with widely divergent backgrounds and life views focus on one common objective. Not a scintilla of evidence was offered that Bennett’s action undermines the Seahawks.

I suggest that this is mostly a media-generated issue. Suggesting Bennett should quit is like saying that McGrath should stop writing sports and become a political commentator.

Bob Klavano, Puyallup