Letters to the Editor

Climate: Freak weather events grow less freakish

Climate: Freak weather events grow less freakish

Much of Puget Sound set a new record last week at 52 days with no measurable rainfall. This, after the wettest October-to-May period on record.

New Orleans recently got up to 9 inches of rain in several hours, while Wisconsin saw a record 25 inches from January to July. Much of the southwest and portions of Montana and the Dakotas are in some form of drought.

Temperatures in Spain, Greece and Italy have soared to 111 degrees, while down under in Southeast Australia, they got over a meter of snow.

Last year, the earth experienced the hottest year on record. Climate change has increased the likelihood of severe weather events such as storms, heat waves and droughts.

Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island just introduced a bill to enact a national carbon tax to drive the move to renewable energy sources. Thank you, senator, for showing leadership on this extremely important issue.

Nancy Atwood, Fircrest