Letters to the Editor

Trump: Immigration plan can't be taken seriously

Trump: Immigration plan can't be taken seriously

Re: “Trump’s immigration plan a step forward,” (TNT, 8/11).

What columnist Jay Ambrose, and all President Trump supporters, don’t understand is that Trump has never had any plans. His so called “immigration plan” is a rehash of other people’s ideas.

Trump cares for no one but himself. He’s a pathological liar, narcissist and opportunist. He will promote any plan until it’s not benefiting him, or the plan fails. Then, he blames others when things go awry.

This is clearly observable in his behavior patterns, but Ambrose is incapable of seeing this. It doesn’t matter what Trump’s plans are because he is a danger to this country.

The far right promoted this man’s candidacy through propaganda, and his supporters still can’t see what he is because they continue to buy the Kool-Aid. What will they do when Korean refugees seek asylum in the United States because Trump started a nuclear war?

I can’t hate Trump because I believe he’s mentally ill. He lacks any moral conscience and has no empathy for other human beings. The GOP deserves what they are getting right now, but the rest of us do not.

Teresa A. Hoyer, Olympia