Letters to the Editor

Tacoma: Quit trying to be Seattle’s stepchild

Tacoma: Quit trying to be Seattle’s stepchild

Re: “Funding urged to aid ICE detainees,” (TNT, 8/11).

Thanks to the TNT Editorial Board for recognizing that the Port of Tacoma’s commissioners and Tacoma City Council don’t listen to, nor show concern for, the environmental dangers, well-being or health of the citizens of Tacoma, when these officials make decisions behind closed doors.

But the main reason I’m writing is because the council and mayor continue to find ways to spend Tacoma’s homeowners’ money and follow in Seattle’s shadow.

Now they’re considering authorizing $440,000 in legal assistance for immigration detainees on the Tideflats. You would think that after the plastic bag fiasco, they’d be anxious to stop being the stepchild.

Just because Seattle spent money, our elected officials believe they can also feel free to spend it without asking the people who provide that money.

Remember two things: One, the federal government must provide, if requested, legal assistance for anyone imprisoned. And two, Tacoma’s tax money should be spent on essential city services while trying to keep service costs down for residents.

Robert Bearden, Tacoma