Letters to the Editor

Anthem: Seahawk player not owned by NFL

“Don’t want to stand for anthem? Then walk away from football,” (TNT, 8/15).

As an old white woman, I must disagree with sports columnist John McGrath.

Seahawks player Michael Bennett is not owned by the NFL. The league has no qualms, nor do the fans, about using players to achieve their own gains off the football field, i.e. profits from selling their merchandise, the value of which is earned while they are working those 3.5 hours McGrath wants to protect.

I may not like Bennett’s method of protesting, but I absolutely support his motives. This is still a racist nation on many fronts, and denying it resolves nothing but creates more problems.

So let him be; he has the right to protest any way he wants to. If the Hawks have a problem with it, then they can deal with him at a business level. Until then, this is his personal right.