Letters to the Editor

Korea: Trump making bad situation worse

There is a spoiled dictator with a bad haircut in North Korea and a “reality star” president with a bad haircut in the U.S. about to escalate a shooting conflict on the Korean Peninsula. They both are acting like schoolyard bullies throwing insults at each other.

President Trump’s actions have alienated our partners and allies worldwide. He thinks he is projecting strength but only shows weakness. The White House is in constant turmoil. His actions are destroying our standing as leader of the free world.

The U.S. had a victory with the United Nations (including Russia and China) voting to apply sanctions. Days later, Trump told North Korea that the U.S. will rain down “fire and fury” on them.

The president and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson are decimating the State Department. Only 1 of 32 top positions has been filled. Another vacuum continues with 30 ambassadors out of a total of 188 positions filled or nominated.

The president has no grasp of history and believes only his alternate reality. Where will this lead the country in the future?