Letters to the Editor

Anthem: Look around stadium; is this patriotism?

I am not writing specifically about sports columnist John McGrath’s opinion, nor am I writing to support or condemn Seahawks lineman Michael Bennett’s actions.

I am writing about the people who speak of patriotism and turn a blind eye to reality. I’m speaking of what takes place when we precede sports events with a musical tribute that signifies patriotism and pride in our flag.

Look around you. Look at the multitude of people standing still holding their cups of beer, still engaged in conversation, still with their hats on, milling around, media photos still being taken. Listen to the cheering before the music is completed.

It’s not about patriotism to them. It’s about getting on with the game.

Bennett’s sitting quietly is far more American and respectful than those standing who totally disregard the attention and silence expected during those few moments.

As an African American, military retiree and a patriot, I ask that you single out every skinhead, Nazi, KKK, white nationalist, white supremacist and those who display a Confederate flag, and demand that they, too, sit down.

I consider their standing an act of fake patriotism and disrespect to all who believe in democracy.