Letters to the Editor

Patriotism: Athletes have much to learn from soldiers

For people who don’t want to stand and show respect for the American flag, go to any military base and observe the respect service members show when the flag is raised in the morning and lowered at night.

Our military fought and continues to fight for our country and freedom. If you don’t want to show respect for the flag, why should they want to fight for you?

We all have a right to express our opinion at the right time and place regardless of race or nationality. It is not acceptable for you to promote your cause when we are paying you to entertain us. But it is acceptable to promote your cause when you are not being paid.

Our choices are: 1) Ask the TV stations to only show only the flag during this part of the ceremony and to ignore you. 2) Select another sport to entertain us. 3) Boycott the products you endorse.