Letters to the Editor

Anthem: Bennett, Britt make good role models

Re: “Don’t want to stand for anthem? Then walk away from football,” (TNT 8/15).

If sport columnist John McGrath doesn’t think national anthem protests belong at Seahawks games, I wonder where he thinks they belong?

For a man who spends much of his life writing and making a living off players of color, his complete lack of understanding of the institutional racism that faces people of color every day is appalling.

There are far too few people of color in positions of power in this country. Michael Bennett is a role model and a leader, for not only his community but for all of us.

Bennett is putting his career, livelihood and relationships on the line. He inspires me to ask myself how far I’m willing to go to stand up for what is right.

This week Justin Britt, a white teammate, stood in solidarity next to Bennett during the anthem. We need more white players throughout the league standing up and speaking out against institutional racism.

Until this country truly represents the rights of all citizens, I’ll be sitting, standing, fighting with Michael Bennett.